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Motivation is a force that drives people to seize the day. It also allows them to increase their capacity to acquire knowledge. Parents and educators must work as a team to instruct children that motivation prompts the best attitude to learn and sets the best foundation to take on each...

Kindergarten Prep Tips

Before your child heads out for their first day of kindergarten, it's important that you're both prepared for the big day. To ensure things go smoothly, use these tips to get ready.

Talk About Kindergarten

Many parents assume their young child won't understand what...

Help Your Child Develop Their Social Skills

When parents find out that their child is having trouble making friends, this can lead to some concern. If this is the case with your child, they may just need some help building up their social skills. To help them with this, use these tips.

Ask About...


Recover from a Low Test Score

Whether it's the SAT or a math test, receiving a low score on an exam never feels good. If your child has come home with a score lower than what you both expected, help them prepare for their next exam with these tips.

Know What Went Wrong

It may be easy to...

How to Stay Involved in Your Child's Education

Staying involved in your child's education can help them perform better in school throughout their academic career. If you're finding it harder and harder to stay involved, use the following tips to get back on track.

Read Together

Reading is the...

Routines for the School Year

If your child has been having a hard time getting into the groove of things this school year, creating routines for the school year can help. To make things less chaotic and get organized, use these tips to establish school routines at home.

Establish a Morning...


Tips for a Successful School Year

Your child likely isn't looking forward to the new school year, but this won't stop it from arriving. Instead of dreading the first day of school and avoiding it at all costs, help your child be better prepared to take on this year successfully.

Set New Goals


Keep Your Child Learning While on Vacation

As you prepare for your family's summer vacation, don't forget to also make some plans to keep your child learning while on your trip. Not only will this keep them engaged, but it can also help prevent the summer slide. If you're not sure what types of...

Fun and Educational Lessons for the Summer

Summer break is just around the corner. This year, instead of letting it pass you by, prepare some fun and educational activities that will keep your child entertained. Not sure what types of activities will be ideal? Use these examples to get...

Why Your Child Needs Math

Math tends to be an unpopular subject with students. Since many of them struggle with it, it makes sense that it's not their favorite subject. To help your child get more comfortable with the subject, use this helpful information.

Why Is Math So Unpopular?

If your child...


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