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Beat the Summer Slide By Setting Summer Goals

The summer slide refers to a learning loss suffered by students who don't practice their academic skills during the summer months. Help your student avoid this learning loss by encouraging them to set summer goals. Below are some examples of the...

Help Your Child Take Better Notes

Taking class notes is a must for all students. Not only will this help them learn their class lessons better, their notes can also be a very useful resource when it comes time for exams. For their notes to be useful, however, your child must know how to take...

Identify Your Child's Main Distractors

Figuring out what is causing your child to lose their focus may not be as hard as it sounds. There are a number of different distractors to look out for, but knowing how to identify them will make it easier to reduce their impact. To learn more about the...

Why Students Need the Right Amount of Sleep

As much as we would all love the get the right amount of sleep every night, it usually doesn't happen. Unfortunately for students, this can play a large role in their academic development. To ensure your child gets the right amount of sleep and stays...

Focus Your Child's Reading Efforts on These Components

Reading is a fun hobby that many students enjoy. However, students who are struggling with their reading skills may not want to pick up a book ever. If this sounds like your child, identify the problem so that you can...

How to Make the Most of Winter Break

With winter break just around the corner, it's important that your child is prepared to stay productive. Instead of waiting until break arrives to make plans, use this time to encourage them to look into how they'll use their time. These tips can help them...

How to Improve Your Child's Mental Math Skills

Being able to recall simple math facts quickly is a great asset for students of all ages. To help ensure your child is able to solve simple math equations in their head, have them practice their mental math skills at home. Use these tips to get...
 If you notice your child is having a hard time completing their homework, use these tips to help them understand and finish their work successfully.

How to Help Your Child Get Through Tough Assignments

Most children will struggle with at least a few assignments throughout their academic...

How to Engage Your Child with STEM Learning

If your child has trouble with STEM subjects, there may be some things you can do to encourage them to not give up on these. If you're not sure why STEM learning is so important, this post can help you understand.

What Is STEM?

STEM education refers to...

 How Setting Goals for the School Year Can Benefit Your Child

Sitting down with your child at the start of the school year to develop goals may not sound all that interesting to your student. However, the benefits they will reap from this practice make it a must. If you're not sure how your...


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