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How to Make History Fun

It's easy for students to get bored by their history lessons since these can feel a bit old and dated. Luckily, these lessons aren't hard to make more interesting with a little work. To get your child more interested in their history class, use the following tips to make this class more exciting.

Movie Nights

If you're a history buff, you know that tons of movies and documentaries include history lessons to be learned. Hollywood productions may be a lot more fun to watch, but these can often skew history to fit their plot. Even so, these can still be used to supplement your child's class lessons. Hold movie nights that can get your child more interested in their lessons and if they're not quite accurate, discuss the movie afterward and talk about what wasn't exactly accurate.

Take a Field Trip

The great thing about history is that it's all around no matter where you are. From museums to government buildings and monuments, your town is sure to have some field trip worthy sites you can take your child to. These can make history lessons seem a lot less distant since your child is actually able to see and sometimes touch artifacts from the past. Consider taking your child to a local museum or historical site as a reward for their hard work.

Be the Student

Learning dates, the names of historical figures, landmarks, and so much more can make history seem overly complicated. If your child feels like they just can't seem to learn any of it, have them take on the role of the teacher while you become the student. Having them teach you their lessons can help them realize they have learned quite a bit while also highlighting the areas they need to work on. This activity can also be a more entertaining way to study their lessons.

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