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In a world increasingly marked by technology, fostering a love of nature in children is not an easy task. But don't give up! They learn from your example. Therefore, The Tutoring Center, Franklin TN has come up with two suggestions to start their green journey little by little.

Feed Their Curiosity

Children are innate explorers, they are full of doubts and they love to discover new things. And although no one has all the answers, adults are their main references. So, by answering "I don't know" is never enough when your child wants to know more about the world. Encourage yourself to investigate and explore with the whole family, feed their curiosity, teach them about plants and animals. There is much that you can learn in the process!

Start a Garden or Plant a Tree

In addition to being a beautiful project to do as a family, gardening or planting a tree with children is a ritual that symbolizes respect for nature. Let them be in charge of watering it and taking care of it. This will make them cultivate a sense of responsibility from an early age and enjoy the fruits of their effort.

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