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Here are a couple of benefits that come with reading and creating stories with children that will eventually come in handy and help them in the future:

This Can Improve Their Comprehension Skills

By reading and listening to different stories, children are unconsciously working their perception skills. Clear ideas are built about different situations, feelings, or characters. After reading out loud, it's recommended that you ask them questions to see if their understanding has been effective during this activity.

It Encourages Them to Be More Analytical

After understanding an event, the individual's analytical capacity allows humans to answer the reason for their actions. Imagining other reactions and outcomes to stories can be a stimulating activity to develop this capacity as well as boosting creativity and imagination.

This can Help Children Tune Their Synthesis

Stories and fairytales allow people to discard and select the really important events that have taken place within the story. It's a much-needed skill for the academic future of the students.

Promotes Language Skills

With this activity, new words are acquired which in turn expands vocabulary. Creating stories allows them to use grammar structures in a given context. Also, the improvement of language skills doesn't have to refer to the mother tongue, it can also refer to a second language such as French or Spanish.

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