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Keep Your Child Learning While on Vacation

As you prepare for your family's summer vacation, don't forget to also make some plans to keep your child learning while on your trip. Not only will this keep them engaged, but it can also help prevent the summer slide. If you're not sure what types of activities to include in your trip, check out these suggestions.

Calculate Currency

If you're heading out of the country, you'll probably have to get some of the local currency. Before exchanging your dollars for the local currency, have your child figure out how much you should get by calculating the exchange rate. Similarly, you can also give them an allowance for buying souvenirs. They'll then have to figure out which items are worth their price by converting prices to dollar amounts.

Learn Some History

Any place you visit will have some local history worth checking out if not something much larger. As you create your itinerary, be sure to include some stops at historical landmarks and museums that can help your child dive into the location's history. If you can find some interesting historical sites that go with what they learned in school, this can be even better.

Practice a New Language

If you're going to a country where the national language isn't English, this is a great excuse to learn a new language or at least some useful phrases. Practice these language skills with your child before your trip and encourage them to put their practice to use once you're on vacation.

Summer Tutoring in Franklin TN

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