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Help Your Child Take Better Notes

Taking class notes is a must for all students. Not only will this help them learn their class lessons better, their notes can also be a very useful resource when it comes time for exams. For their notes to be useful, however, your child must know how to take effective notes. The following tips can help them take better notes that will be a helpful study tool.

Be Prepared for Class

Your child should always arrive to class prepared to learn and to take notes. This means they should show up at least a couple minutes early so that they have time to get situated and to pull out the necessary supplies. Once class starts, they should already have their notebook and pencil ready to take notes so that they don't miss anything.

Listen and Write

Many students think that taking good notes means writing down everything the teacher says. Unfortunately, this isn't true. In fact, your child will be much better off if they listen to the lesson and only write down the most important parts of what the teacher says. As they listen, your child will be able to catch parts that don't make sense to them. This will allow them to ask questions, helping their notes make more sense.

Compare Notes

Encourage your child to share their notes with their friends after class. This will help all of them have a complete set of notes. If someone missed something while going to the restroom or if someone is confused by something, the other students can help fill in this information and offer some clarification.

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