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Fun Summer Activities for Your Student

It's easy for students to get bored at home during the summer if they haven't planned anything to fill their days with. Instead of letting your child waste their summer, give them some fun and educational activities to beat their summer boredom. Below are some activities to get you started.

Start a Book Club

Reading is a fun activity that many children take a while to discover. Since they're mostly exposed to academic reading at school, they don't know how great reading for fun can be. Help your child discover this over the summer by encouraging them to host a book club. They can invite their friends to join or it can be a family activity. The idea is that everyone reads the same book and then meet to discuss their thoughts. Allow your child to pick the books for their club so that they are more interested in doing the reading.

Keep a Travel Journal

If your family is traveling this summer, encourage your child to keep a travel journal. This will motivate them to practice writing, helping them develop better writing skills this summer. Allow them to write freely about whatever they like so that the activity is more fun. Finally, encourage them to also include photos and other keepsakes in their journal.

Sign up for Tutoring

If your family is staying in town all summer, why not enroll your child in a summer tutoring program? This will help give their summer some structure while also giving them something to do. Unlike regular school, tutoring isn't as rigid, making it more fun. It's also a great way to prevent the summer slide.

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