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Kindergarten Prep Tips

Before your child heads out for their first day of kindergarten, it's important that you're both prepared for the big day. To ensure things go smoothly, use these tips to get ready.

Talk About Kindergarten

Many parents assume their young child won't understand what kindergarten means so they'll skip over talking to them about it. Instead, it's a great idea to bring up the subject with your child and talk about what it all means. Your child may have some questions, so do your best to answer these. When the big day comes, they'll be more mentally prepared to take it on rather than being scared of this change.

Start Working on Lessons

In the past, kindergarten was where students started learning their first school lessons. Nowadays, however, most students enter kindergarten having already mastered the basics. To ensure your child doesn't start the school year behind, start practicing these lessons at home. If your child is enrolled in preschool, they may already be practicing the basics, like letters, numbers, writing, basic arithmetic, and storytelling. If not, get to work on these at home.

Work on Independence

The first couple of weeks of school can be especially hard on students who aren't used to being away from their parents. To make this change easier, start practicing for it. Enrolling your child in extracurricular activities can get them used to being on their own in a classroom setting where they're surrounded by their peers.

After School Tutoring in Franklin TN

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