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Focus Your Child's Reading Efforts on These Components

Reading is a fun hobby that many students enjoy. However, students who are struggling with their reading skills may not want to pick up a book ever. If this sounds like your child, identify the problem so that you can help them overcome it. The following are some reading components that may be giving your child trouble.


Phonics is a fundamental building block when it comes to reading skills. What it entails, in its most basic sense, is an ability to identify letters, connect them with a spoken sound, and then build or read words using those skills. Students who haven't mastered this will have a harder time reading. If reading is hard, they may not be fond of it. Tutoring can help them build up their phonics skills so that they can learn to enjoy reading.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension refers to the ability to understand and absorb information from a text while simultaneously reading it. It requires a bit of multitasking because the reader must focus on reading the words correctly while also picking up important information. This skill is necessary and is often included in standardized tests, including the SAT.

Reading Fluency

Reading fluency requires that your child put together all their reading skills to read out loud seamlessly. Your child must be able to pronounce the words in a text correctly while reading fluidly and minding the punctuation in a text. Students who struggle with this skill will often avoid reading out loud, even if it's just in front of one person. They will often lack confidence and be embarrassed to ask for help.

Reading Tutoring in Franklin TN

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