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Tips for a Successful School Year

Your child likely isn't looking forward to the new school year, but this won't stop it from arriving. Instead of dreading the first day of school and avoiding it at all costs, help your child be better prepared to take on this year successfully.

Set New Goals

Before the first day arrives, sit down with your child so that you can come up with some school year goals together. Encourage your child to think about the things they want to accomplish and not necessarily the things they think you want them to accomplish. This will give their goals more relevance and they'll feel more encouraged to actually reach them. On top of this, be sure their goals are as specific as possible, measurable, and attainable.

Practice Your Routines

Over the summer months, it's likely that your child grew accustomed to going to bed late and sleeping in the next morning. Unfortunately, this will no longer be possible when school arrives. Help your child get back to their school routines by practicing these in the lead up to the first day of school. A few weeks before their first day back, have them start going to bed earlier each night until they reach their ideal bedtime. In the morning, practice getting up on time for school and having breakfast before heading out the door.

Get Organized

In order to start the school year off right, your child will need to have some supplies that will keep them on track. Get your child a planner where they can keep track of assignments, test dates, presentations, extracurricular commitments, and any other important information they need to keep track of. Notebooks, pens, pencils, and basic school supplies will also be necessary on the first day of school, so stock up on these.

Academic Tutoring in Franklin TN

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