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Tips That Can Help Improve Your Child's Handwriting

Messy handwriting isn't just hard to read, it can actually lead to lower grades. If the teacher isn't able to make out your child's test answers they'll be marked wrong even if your child had the correct response. To avoid these types of issues, work with your child to improve their handwriting.

Slow and Steady

If you notice your child's handwriting isn't quite readable, pay attention to how they're writing. Chances are they're trying to finish their work quickly, leading to their handwriting being quite messy. This can generally be fixed very easily. Simply have your child slow down and actually pay attention to how they're writing. If their class notes are looking just as messy, work with them to find new note-taking techniques that will allow them to slow down as they write.

Practice With a Guide

Young students who are just learning to write letters aren't going to have the neatest handwriting. This is fine for now because they're just learning. You can, however, help them develop their writing skills with some practice. Look for worksheets that give them a guide they can trace over. This will help them develop better control over how they write letters, making their handwriting much neater.

Watch Their Grip

Gripping a pencil may seem like it comes naturally, but this probably wasn't as automatic when you first started writing. You want to be sure your child has full control over their pencil so that writing isn't uncomfortable or too challenging. Start by making sure your child is writing with the hand that feels most dominant. After that, check that they aren't dropping their pencil or having a hard time holding it upright. If they are struggling with these two things, give them some pointers that can improve their grip.

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