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Motivation is a force that drives people to seize the day. It also allows them to increase their capacity to acquire knowledge. Parents and educators must work as a team to instruct children that motivation prompts the best attitude to learn and sets the best foundation to take on each task. Keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Franklin TN and find out how to keep children, and students alike, motivated on their school subjects while they become proactive learners in the process.

How to Motivate Children for Learning

Before Homework Give value to the effort, not the result; this way, students won't lose motivation. Focusing, exclusively, on results dramatizes mistakes and puts unnecessary pressure and stress on the students. They'll be more eager to learn if the task is presented as training or a beneficial challenge. This will strengthen their satisfaction of learning for themselves by perceiving they have control over the task. During Homework Give simple instructions for them to solve any problem or struggle, but be present in order to be able to correct and help them detect mistakes. Teach them to set goals and encourage their progress towards the final result. After Homework Focus on how the assessment went and the extent of learning acquired. This will help their memory retention and ensure long-term knowledge. Take advantage of the task review to check on their progress and praise any improvement made to uplift them.

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