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How to Know If Your Child Is Burned Out

As academics become more and more competitive, students may end up taking on more than they can handle. In many cases, this excessive workload can lead to a condition known as academic burnout. It's important that you detect burnout and offer your child the help they need to overcome it.

Signs of Academic Burnout

When a student is burned out, they'll feel like they're under constant stress. This can lead to them working for hours on end only to feel like they've made no progress. After a while, they'll feel exhausted no matter how much rest they get. This is because the exhaustion won't just be physical, it'll also be emotional and mental. No amount of rest will resolve this and your student's motivation can quickly vanish along with their interests.

How to Prevent Academic Burnout

In order to prevent academic burnout, it's important that you recognize these signs before they start to seriously affect your child. Teaching your child time management tips can help them keep their workload under control, but if they've taken on more than they can realistically handle, encourage them to drop some of their commitments. This can be a huge stress relief that will help them avoid feeling overwhelmed. Finally, be sure that your child knows they can always go to you for help when they need it.

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