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Back to School Tips

As summer comes to an end, start preparing your child for the upcoming school year. By taking the time to prepare, your child's transition back to school can be much smoother and less stressful, making the start of the school year less frightening. To help your child prepare, check out the following tips.

Follow School Routines

During the school year, your child probably sets their alarm clock to the same time every morning and they probably have a bedtime they try to stick to. Before school actually starts, have your child practice these routines in order to make it easier to get to bed on time and wake up refreshed on their first day of school. To make their bedtime actually work, create a bedtime routine they can start an hour before actually going to sleep. This hour should be spent practicing relaxing activities that will make falling asleep on time easy.

Get Organized

Organization is a must if your child wants to have a successful school year. If they often struggle to keep track of homework assignments, test dates, and other important dates, present them with a day planner before school starts. Have them practice writing down daily to-do lists and important activities they have coming up so that they have an easier time staying on top of their commitments. This will make it easier for them to manage their time and stay on top of their work all year long.

Set Some Goals

Without some specific goals, your child will be left to wander through the school year aimlessly. Give them some solid targets to work towards by helping them set goals at the start of the school year. Every goal should be specific and measurable while also having a reason behind it. This will help your child stay accountable and will make tracking their progress easier.

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