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Rainy Day Activities Your Child Will Love

If you're not looking forward to the upcoming rainy days because your child is constantly proclaiming that they're bored, be prepared with some fun activities up your sleeve. Not sure what types of activities your child will love? Check out these examples.

Build Something

Children tend to like to move around and keep busy, so an activity that requires building is perfect for a rainy day. Grab some of your child's building blocks and have a tower building competition. Not only will this be fun, but it can also teach your child about physics. Be sure to point out the correlation in the foundation a tower has and how tall it can get.

Play Board Games

Board games are fun for the entire family, making them a great rainy day activity. Pull out some options and have your child pick which game they'd like to play. Of course, make sure that the options you give your child will help them practice some of their academic skills, such as reading and math.

Move Around

If your child is feeling antsy after being stuck indoors all morning, have them move around to get them feeling more relaxed. Start up a game of charades, build a blanket fort together, or have them help you in the kitchen. They may not notice, but all of these activities won't just keep them busy, they can also help your child sharpen some of their academic skills.

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