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Routines for the School Year

If your child has been having a hard time getting into the groove of things this school year, creating routines for the school year can help. To make things less chaotic and get organized, use these tips to establish school routines at home.

Establish a Morning Routine

Creating an efficient morning routine will help you and your children get out the door on time without much of a struggle. If your child is still quite young, creating a visual aid guide them through their routine can make your morning easier while helping them pick up more responsibilities. An easy routine can include things like getting up at the same time daily, having breakfast, brushing their teeth, doing their hair, and getting dressed before grabbing their backpack and heading out the door before a certain time.

Create an After School Routine

Since homework is probably the last thing your child wants to do after school, creating an after school routine is a must. This will prevent them from getting home and automatically turning on the television. Instead of losing time zoning out in front of the television, have your child's after school time start with a healthy snack and a wind-down of their day before jumping right into homework time. This should happen at the same time daily so that it's easier for your child to jump right into their homework.

After School Tutoring in Franklin TN

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