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Beat the Summer Slide By Setting Summer Goals

The summer slide refers to a learning loss suffered by students who don't practice their academic skills during the summer months. Help your student avoid this learning loss by encouraging them to set summer goals. Below are some examples of the types of goals your middle school student can benefit from.

Take on an Extracurricular Activity

Extracurricular activities may sound like all play, but they can keep a child's mind active while challenging them to develop new skills. For students who are very shy, these types of activities can also push them out of their comfort zone. Whether your child wants to give music lessons a try or they want to join a sport, be supportive and help them meet their goal of developing a new skill this summer.

Catch up on Lessons

If your child missed some school lessons or simply fell a bit behind in class, summer is the perfect time to work on catching up. A tutoring class can help your child master those lessons that still feel a bit shaky. Not only will your child get a confidence boost, they will also have an easier time keeping up once the new school year starts.

Get Ahead

Even if your child aced every class they took, they can still benefit from academic practice over the summer. Not only will this help them beat the summer slide, they can also get ahead in their lessons, making the upcoming school year less stressful.

Summer Tutoring in Franklin TN

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