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Fun and Educational Lessons for the Summer

Summer break is just around the corner. This year, instead of letting it pass you by, prepare some fun and educational activities that will keep your child entertained. Not sure what types of activities will be ideal? Use these examples to get inspired!

Get Some Reading Done

Summer and reading go together perfectly. Not only is reading an educational activity that will help your child fight the summer slide, but it can also be very entertaining. To help your child fall in love with reading this summer, visit your local library and let them pick their own reading material. When they get to pick what they read, they will enjoy that activity much more, meaning they'll do more of it.

Math Practice for the Summer Months

Math may not seem like it can ever be fun, but choosing the right activities makes all the difference. Sneak some simple math practice into your child's summer days by playing board games that involve simple addition, subtraction, and money practice. Not only will your child have fun, but they also won't even notice they're sharpening their math skills.

Summer Writing Activities

Writing can be a lot of fun if you know how to approach it. Instead of having your child practice academic writing, give them their own journal at the start of summer. Encourage them to use this journal to write about anything and everything. They can use it as a diary, a space to practice poetry, or even to write short stories. As long as their imagination is flowing, they will have plenty to write about.

Academic Tutoring in Franklin TN

If your child needs to catch up on some missed lessons or simply wants to use the summer months to get ahead, tutoring in Franklin is the perfect option. The Tutoring Center, Franklin TN offers a number of academic programs that can target your child's needs. To learn more about these programs, give their learning center a call at (615)721-8844. Be sure to ask about your free diagnostic assessment.


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