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Why Students Need the Right Amount of Sleep

As much as we would all love the get the right amount of sleep every night, it usually doesn't happen. Unfortunately for students, this can play a large role in their academic development. To ensure your child gets the right amount of sleep and stays on the right academic track, continue reading.

The Importance of Sleep for Students

Students often lose out on sleep because they're up late studying or completing assignments. Unfortunately, losing sleep over this can cause them to have a harder time in class the next day. Lack of sleep can lead to an inability to concentrate, making it harder for them to absorb their lessons. This can then cause confusion when trying to complete assignments, leading them to once again lose sleep. To help your child break this cycle, encourage them to start their work at a reasonable hour so that they can finish early. Work to cut out bad habits like procrastination and distractors that cause them to waste time.

What a Bedtime Routine Should Consist Of

Getting the right amount of sleep is important, but so is getting to bed at the same time every night. Help your child do both by creating a bedtime routine that gets them to sleep at the same time every night. Set their bedtime and then have them dedicate the hour leading up to it to relaxing activities that will help them wind down. Reading, journaling, and taking a warm bath are all great activities for them to practice. Have them avoid screens during this hour since these can make falling asleep harder and can negatively affect the quality of their sleep.

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