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Tips to Reduce Your Child's Screen Time

Children are surrounded by screens basically all day, from their cellphone to televisions screens. It may be hard to pry them away from these screens for even a few minutes because of how accustomed they've become to using them for just about everything, but it's important that you do. Below are some tips to help your child spend more time away from their screens.

The Benefits of Limiting Your Child's Screen Time

The amount of time your child spends in front of a screen can cut into the amount of time they have for other more important activities. Too much screen time can lead to not only health issues as a result of little no physical activity, but can also lead to mental health and well-being issues. Because of this, limiting your child's screen time and encouraging them to participate in other activities is a must.

Set Limits for Electronics

The first step to reducing the amount of time your child spends staring at a screen is setting limits to their electronics use. For example, if your child often gets distracted by their cellphone as they're trying to complete their homework, make their homework space an electronics-free area. Similarly, make the dinner table an electronics-free area for all members of your family.

Plan Electronics-Free Activities

It may be easy enough to tell your child to put their phone and tablet down, but if you don't give them alternatives to their electronics, it can be harder than it seems. To help your child reduce the amount of time they spend playing video games, gather the family for a game night. You can also plan outdoor activities for your family that are fun and that don't require a phone or tablet.

Make Screen Time a Reward

Screen time shouldn't be considered the norm, so turn it into a reward in your household. If your child is fond of video games, use these as a reward that your child can enjoy only after they've completed their chores or their homework. By turning this into a reward, your child has an easier time reducing the amount of time they spend in front of a screen daily.

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