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How to Make the Most of Winter Break

With winter break just around the corner, it's important that your child is prepared to stay productive. Instead of waiting until break arrives to make plans, use this time to encourage them to look into how they'll use their time. These tips can help them create a winter break plan the ensures no time is lost.

Practice Past Lessons

Taking a couple weeks off of school can result in a learning loss if your child's past lessons aren't put to use. Foreign language lessons, music classes, and even sports gains can be lost or become rusty if they're not practiced. Have your child set aside some time daily to continue practicing these skills or building on them so that once they return to school they're more than ready to take on upcoming lessons.

Take a Class

If your child tends to get bored during school breaks, why not enroll them in a class? A winter class will be less demanding than their regular school schedule but will ensure they aren't at home doing nothing. Your student doesn't necessarily have to take a math or science class, they can choose to take a fun extracurricular class like dance or cooking. These types of classes will keep them active, open up their social circle, and keep them in the habit of learning. You can also look for online classes that don't require your child to leave your home.

Set New Goals

Before the new year arrives, have your child come up with new school year goals. If they set school year goals in September, have them review these and see where they stand in terms of accomplishing them. They may benefit from revising them or making a few changes to their plans.

Winter Tutoring in Franklin TN

Your child can also use their winter break to catch up on old lessons they had trouble with. Contact The Tutoring Center, Franklin TN at (615)721-8844 to learn more about how tutoring can be a huge academic asset.


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