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How to Create a Useful To-Do List

If your child has trouble managing their tasks, getting them in the habit of creating daily to-do lists can be a great help. To ensure your child's to-do lists are effective, teach them these useful tips.

Write It Down

Have your child start off their to-do list the best way possible by having them actually write it down. As much as they believe they can keep a to-do list in their head, writing it down means they won't forget about any task that needs to be completed. In fact, writing things down has been proven to make it easier to remember things. Whether they want to use an app or a whiteboard for their to-do list, just make sure it's written down and not just in their head.

Be Specific

Once your child starts writing their to-do list, make sure they're as specific as possible with their tasks. If they write something broad like, "Finish homework," have them fix this by making it more specific. In this case, they should write down specific homework assignments they need to complete. By doing this, they'll have a clearer idea of how much they have to get done, making it easier to manage their time.

Keep It Manageable

For many students, the number of commitments they have on their plate can make it nearly impossible to keep up with it all. If your child's to-do lists are always extremely long and they're never able to complete all of the tasks on their list, this can become discouraging. Help them keep their tasks manageable so that they don't get burned out. If necessary, have them drop an extracurricular activity so that they aren't overwhelmed by their workload.

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