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 If you notice your child is having a hard time completing their homework, use these tips to help them understand and finish their work successfully.

How to Help Your Child Get Through Tough Assignments

Most children will struggle with at least a few assignments throughout their academic career. This is nothing that should cause you too much concern unless it happens often. Before getting concerned, see if you can help your child get through these assignments. Use these tips to help your child get through tough homework and school lessons.

Focus on the Positives

When your child approaches you for help on their homework, let them know you're happy to help them. Many students may be scared to ask for help because they may think you will be disappointed or mad. Let them know that the opposite is true: acknowledging that they need help and asking for it shows that they are taking responsibility for their learning. Be sure that they understand that asking for help is a part of life and that they're not alone in their struggles.

Understand the Assignment

To be sure you can help your child, you first have to understand the assignment. Read through the directions and be sure you understand what is being asked. Once you understand this, have your child explain the directions to you in their own words. Some students may not understand what they have to do, preventing them from completing the assignment correctly. Once you're both on the same page, it's time to get started.

Read Through Examples

Before actually trying to work out a problem, go back and read the lesson with your child. This will give you a clear understanding of how the work should be completed and will also be a refresher for your child. Look at the examples provided in their textbook and be sure you both understand what is being done in each step and why. Use this knowledge and apply it to one of the problems in your child's assignment.

Look for More Examples

If you've tried using the methods in the textbook but still can't solve the problem, look for additional examples. Your child likely has some class notes that include examples completed in class. Use these and their notes to give it another go. You can also look for additional help and resources online, just be sure not to stray too far from the teacher's methods since this can cause additional confusion.

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Take a Break from the Homework

If you've been stuck on the same problem for over 10 minutes, you may need to take a break. Step back from the assignment and allow your minds to relax and focus on something else for a bit. This will help reduce frustration that can lead to a mental block. Once your minds have been refreshed, try attempting the problem again but with an open mind. Try different methods and avoid closing yourself off to only one possible approach.

Explain Things from Another Perspective

If you understand how to complete the assignment but your child can't grasp it, avoid repeating the same information over and over. If they didn't understand the first couple of times you explained it, change your approach. Use different words, explain the reason behind each step, and try to see things from their perspective. Remember to use techniques related to their learning style in order for them to understand things more easily. You can also employ examples that relate to their daily life so that the lesson is more relevant and easier to grasp.

Stick Around

Once they understand how to complete their homework, let them take the lead. Watch them do a couple of problems just to be sure they're on the right track. Once they get this done, step back further but stay in the same room as them. This will let them know you're close by and ready to help should they get stuck again.
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