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Identify Your Child's Main Distractors

Figuring out what is causing your child to lose their focus may not be as hard as it sounds. There are a number of different distractors to look out for, but knowing how to identify them will make it easier to reduce their impact. To learn more about the types of distractors that may affect your child, check out these tips.

External Learning Distractions

External learning distractors are often the easiest to identify because they're physically present. For example, if your child instinctively reaches for their phone every time they get a notification, there's no question that this can turn into a problem while doing homework or studying. Other common external distractors include noise, electronics, friends, and an uncomfortable study space. These distractors often have an easy solution that involves removing them from your child's study space.

Internal Learning Distractions

Internal learning distractors can be more difficult to pinpoint because they aren't physically present. Many times these types of distractors will live in your child's mind. They can be anything from test-related stress to worries from their everyday life. If you notice your child has read the same paragraph 10 times but still can't tell you what it's about, they may need to talk to someone about what's causing this lack of concentration. Ask your child to talk to you so that they can move forward. Sometimes just venting and having someone to listen to their problems can help.

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